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Guardian Avionics Unveils ‘Smart’ Product Line

By Staff Writer | July 13, 2017
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Photo: Guardian Avionics

Guardian Avionics’ smartPlane system, and product line and applications, are now available to general aviation aircraft owners, the Arizona-based company said. The FAA-approved iPad-based multifunction display and flight data recorder system feature voice command capability.

“Pilots of certified aircraft have been using their iPads in the cockpit to replace kneeboards and charts for some time now … and smartPlane is the first step to allow the iPad to replace or supplement MFD displays in the panel” said Ash Vij, president of Guardian Avionics. “This is the kind of progress that helps bring the cost of aircraft ownership down for aircraft owners.”

With smartPlane, users can connect some electronic flight instrument system, GPS and engine monitor products to four new smartLink products, the company said. Those can transmit data to the smarMFD iOS app using USB or Bluetooth. SmartPlane products are build on the carbon monoxide poisoning prevention technology. Guardian Avionics also said it is rebranding its line of iPad and iPhone instrument panel flush mounts under the smartPlane line as smartPanel Mounts. USB power supplies are rebranded as smartPower.

The FAA-approved smartPlane products for installation in Part 23 aircraft under non-required safety enhancing equipment authorization. Guardian Avionics said it was the first company granted that type of authorization when the program started last year.

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