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Speed Up ATM Modernizations, Boeing, CANSO Say

By Tish Drake | March 21, 2012
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Boeing and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) on Wednesday called for the aviation industry to speed up the pace of air traffic management modernizations by taking advantage of existing aircraft capabilities. The companies issued a joint technical paper at the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva outlining critical actions necessary to achieve the industry goal of 95 to 98 percent efficiency in air traffic management by 2050.

"The capabilities of today's high-technology airplanes are underutilized in the current constrained and outdated ATM system, undermining the profitability of the aviation industry," said Neil Planzer, vice president of Air Traffic Management, Boeing Flight Services. "We are fully committed to supporting long term modernization efforts such as SESAR and NextGen without losing sight of improvements we can make today."

The publication, titled "Accelerating Air Traffic Management Efficiency: A Call to Industry," outlines critical actions needed to improve the worldwide air traffic management system. It profiles successful projects from around the world and highlights areas where aviation stakeholders can work together to deliver efficiency improvements.

"CANSO and the Boeing Company are committed to challenging the status quo by promoting examples of where positive change has taken place. This 'Call to Industry' promotes collaboration as the core of true aviation sustainability and challenges all stakeholders to come to the table, ready to learn, to share and to create change," the companies said in the paper. Specifically, the paper suggests sharing best practices, developing new operational procedures and conducting collaborative trials are the "behavioral activities needed to leverage technical achievements."

"We have combined the expertise and detailed knowledge of The Boeing Company and the world's air navigation service providers to come up with realistic and implementable recommendations," said Paul Riemens, chairman of CANSO. "CANSO and its members are focused on moving our industry towards carbon neutral growth to grow in a sustainable manner."

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