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Updated Product Certification Guide Calls for Less Direct FAA Involvement

By Staff Writer | May 16, 2017
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An updated FAA/Industry Guide to Product Certification has been released, said Aerospace Industries Assn. (AIA), Aircraft Electronics Assn. (AEA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Assn. (GAMA). The guide has not seen an update since 2004.

The FAA and Industry Guide to Avionics Approvals was published in 2001. This third update incorporates more risk-based decision-making, and other changes and improvements since its inaugural edition.

The update includes changes based on lessons learned and the latest FAA policy guidance. It also presents guidance for the transition to a less-involved FAA state concerning detailed compliance activities.

“Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of industry and FAA oversight offices and facilitating a shift to a systems approach to product certification and safety oversight was a recommendation of the FAA Aircraft Certification Process Review and Reform report to Congress and the Part 21 / Safety Management Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee,” said GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce. “We’re proud to work with the FAA to update this guide and help implement these improvements to ensure the certification process becomes more efficient and consistent, while keeping safety as the number one priority.”

The new update also introduces changes to the Partnership for Safety Plan. Included now is high-level guidance on how the FAA and applicants are to conduct business. This replaces specific detailing of how the FAA and applicants should work together on specific issues.

Over an 18-month period, this third edition was guided and produced by a group of representatives from AEA, AIA, ALOFT AeroArchitects, Bell Helicopter, the FAA, GAMA, Garmin, GE Aviation, Gulfstream, Honeywell Aerospace, ICX Consulting, Textron Aviation and Boeing. AEA, AIA, GAMA and the FAA sponsored the guide.

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