NATO Conducts DVE Trials with Ruag Integrated Solutions

By Staff Writer | March 21, 2017

Real-time-3D-environment-visualisation; Helicopter; Media release; 3D; visualisation; Cockpit; 2017; Picture; Aviation; Copyright; VBS

Image courtesy of Ruag Aviation by VBS

Ruag Aviation integrated pilot assistance and helicopter safety solution was on board a Swiss Air Force Airbus Helicopters EC635 as it performed trials for NATO, Ruag says.

NATO recently conducted trials at Älggialp, Switzerland, operating out of the Swiss Air Force helicopter base is Alpnach, Switzerland. Ruag also maintains an independent Center of Excellence for helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul at that location. The trials focused on degraded visual environments, caused specifically by snow or whiteout conditions. The integrated solutions were Sferion-based, initially developed by Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security GmbH. It has been designed with the ability for integration into any helicopter platform.

“Amid prototypes and various research projects, this integration showcased the vast and thorough helicopter systems and engineering expertise amassed by RUAG Aviation from our continuing work on behalf of the Swiss and German Air Forces, as well as for helicopter emergency services (HEMS) and civil operators,” says Claudio Zeiter, team leader of commercial helicopter services for Ruag. “We are pleased to have been able to make such a significant contribution to these DVE whiteout trials and allow the international community to experience precisely how systems and technologies can interact to provide improved visualization and enhanced safety for both pilot and machine during DVE conditions.”

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