Air China to Start 5 New International Routes

By Staff Writer | March 3, 2017
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Photo by Julian Herzog

Air China aims to expand its international presence in 2017 and is doing so, in part, by starting five new international routes, the company says. This includes Beijing to Zurich, Beijing to Astana, Beijing to Jakarta, Shanghai to Barcelona and Shenzhen to Los Angeles.

Air China had increased domestic and international passengers during the Spring Festival transportation period, which ended in February. The airline said it was kept busy on route to destinations including Britain, Spain, Italy, New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Air China also noted that during that time, passengers tended to avoid peak travel periods.

“In 2017, when international oil prices tend to stabilize and the fluctuations of Chinese yuan plateau, Air China will actively respond to the strong demand for travel, further expand its presence in popular international markets, seize opportunities and constantly improve its global route network deployment,” the company said.

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