ATM Modernization

SESAR Launches ATM Knowledge Transfer Network

East Asia viewed from space with connections representing main air traffic routes. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Elements of this image furnished by NASA

SESAR’s knowledge transfer network, dubbed “Engage,” is now up and running, the group said. The network plans to coordinate and facilitate the transfer of research and research results over the next four years to help accomplish the goals of the SESAR 2020 program.

Engage is managed by a coalition of academic representatives and ATM industry partners including Eurocontrol, EASA, Frequentis, Innaxis, the Technical University of Delft, the University of Trieste and the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.

Beyond creating a hub for the aviation research community to exchange ideas and information in Europe, and facilitating the progress from fundamental to industrial research, SESAR said the network will also fund and train academics to provide the foundations for the SESAR aviation academy.

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