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Trig Avionics Offers ADS-B Out for Drones

By Staff Writer | February 2, 2017
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FAA20FBI20DroneThe industry might have gotten one step closer to safely integrating unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into U.S. national airspace. Trig Avionics recently launched its latest European Technical Standard Order (ETSO)-certificated automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) product, the company says.

The TT26 is one box, containing a 350-watt Mode S transponder with altitude encoder, a certificated GPS and a certificated altimeter. It also operates ADS-B Out up to 70,000 feet. This solution uses RS232 and RS485 interfaces, and each unit weighs 1.04 pounds. The TT26 can be installed using built-in box mounts or by using the dedicated avionics tray.

“The TT26 provides customers with a giant leap in surveillance credibility. Future commercial UAS operations will hinge on positive compliance with established international aviation standards, says Andy Davis, CEO at Trig Avionics. “The TT26 is the first UAS transponder product that demonstrates this and adds primary flight and altitude capabilities too.”

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