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By Juliet Van Wagenen | April 29, 2016
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Conference season got you down?

Nurse your hangover and your jetlag with this week’s Avionics News Quiz.

We promise it’s MUCH better than hotel food and we can guarantee there will be no audio glitches. Enjoy!

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Try This Week's Avionics News Quiz!
Our new Avionics News Quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge on the latest happenings in the aviation industry. Think you're a true aviation geek? Take our quiz and how you stack up this week!
Delta Airlines Exec Steven Dickson kicked off the 2016 AMC/AEEC conference in Atlanta by saying that the company has spent how much on equipage costs for its fleet to comply with upcoming ADS-B mandates?

$100 million

$10 million

$1 billion


Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered aircraft landed in California this week, completing a Pacific Ocean crossing without a drop of fuel. The original ocean crossing was delayed for months, however, as the aircraft had to park in Hawaii for what reason?

A major tropical storm blew the aircraft off course

Smog from Asia became so bad that it blocked out 80% of solar light

The aircraft’s batteries overheated

The pilots were found secretly siphoning fuel from other aircraft

The first delivery of a U.S.-built aircraft from the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility to what U.S. air carrier took place took place on April 25 in Alabama?

Virgin Atlantic



Aer Lingus

In a bid to expand its fleet as air traffic grows, China Eastern ordered 15 787-9 Dreamliners this week, an order that will cost the airline how much?

$40 million

$14 million

$45 million

$4 billion

Airbus announced the company has implemented what process to improve the return current from an aircraft’s electrical systems?

Laser stripping

Coating with copper

Shortening the wire

Studding it with diamonds

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April 29, 2016
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