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Boeing to Build 747 Fuselage at Macon Facility

By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 18, 2015
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Boeing 747 aircraft
Boeing 747 aircraft. Photo: Boeing

[Avionics Today 09-18-2015] Boeing has announced that the fuselage panels for its 747 aircraft will be built at its Macon, Ga. facility beginning in 2018. Boeing will take over the work from Triumph Aerostructures’ Vought Aircraft Division, with the Macon site providing assembled fuselage panels to Boeing's 747 final assembly line in Everett, Wash.

Current defense work at the facility is scheduled to be complete in mid-2016, at which time Boeing will transition the site for commercial airplanes work. Facility staffing will be temporarily reduced during the transition. The site will ramp up to full production on 747 fuselage panels by mid-2018, at which point it will employ up to 200 people.

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