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By Jonathan Ray | March 1, 2007
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Digital Signal Processor

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Leesburg, Va., unveiled conduction-cooled, rugged versions of its CHAMP-FX digital signal processor (DSP) 6U VME64x and VITA-41 engines. Also, Curtiss-Wright qualified the high performance IP blocks included in its CHAMPtools-FX Design Kit for use over the entire Level 200 (-40° C to 85° C) temperature range, to speed and simplify the development of systems based on the CHAMP-FX.

The dual Xilinx Virtex-II Pro-based CHAMP-FX can be specified in conduction-cooled rugged versions that fully meet Curtiss-Wright’s Level 100 (minus 40° C to 71° C) and Level 200 ruggedization guidelines. Curtiss-Wright cards are constructed with an aluminum/copper frame, which provides mechanical stiffening while conducting heat from the electronic components to the edge of the card where it is transferred to the chassis. Visit

Rugged Hard Disk

Formation, Inc., Moorestown, N.J., expanded storage capacity in its ToughDisk 3500-ATA Rugged Hard Disk by 60 percent, a move it says provides the industry’s highest capacity, low-cost alternative to solid-state rugged data storage in a 3.5-inch form factor.

The units now offer 160 GB of storage capacity, up from 100 GB. ToughDisk rugged hard disks are removable data storage units built to withstand extreme temperature, shock, vibration, humidity and dust conditions.

A standard ATA interface allows drop-in COTS replacement of conventional 3.5-inch low profile drives with a storage capacity of 160 GB. Visit

Radar Software

Kinetic Avionic Products Ltd. upgraded its SBS-1 Virtual Radar’s BaseStation software. The upgrade builds upon the previous BaseStation’s virtual radar display by adding an embedded database, an open database interface, data socket and additional reporting and logging software to allow historical analysis of aircraft sightings.

The upgrade is available as a free download for existing users from the download page of the Kinetic Avionic Web site and can be installed as a simple upgrade to existing BaseStation software. Visit

Laser System

Leica Geosystems, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, released its MPiA (Multiple Pulses in Air) technology, a laser system that measures distances at higher rates than conventional time-of-flight measurement tools. The company said the system has the potential to increase the productivity of airborne LiDAR data acquisition systems.

Leica Geosystems says the MPiA system does not depend on receiving the target reflection before starting the next distance measurement cycle, which will allow users to obtain distance measurements in less than half the time without sacrificing data accuracy. Visit

PCI-104 Card

Data Device Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., introduced a new PCI-104 card, BU-65577C, which is a rugged card that can be used in both convection and conduction cooled applications.

BU-65577C has up to four dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553 channels, five user-programmable digital discrete I/Os, selectable external or internal time-tag clock, and an IRIG-B time synchronization input. The PCI-104 and PC/104 Plus form factors are commonly used in flight data recorders, displays, and other avionics systems.

The BU-65577C card utilizes DDC’s Extended Enhanced Mini-ACE (E2MA) Architecture, which supports features for each 1553 channel such as 2 MB RAM with parity per channel. Visit

Helicopter HUD

Elbit Systems released a new version of its line of sight (LOS) Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System/Head-up Display (ANVIS/HUD) 24T Tracker module for helicopters. The ANVIS/HUD-24T combines standard night vision goggles (NVG) with aircraft flight data. Adding the Day HUD "plug and play" module, fitted on any standard NVG helmet-mount, the same data is displayed during daytime flight.

The ANVIS/HUD-24T may be installed in any helicopter type — western or eastern, bused or unbused — and can interface and support other aircraft systems.

It is equipped with high-resolution flat-panel displays and can perform weapon ballistic calculations. Visit

HUMS Sensors

PCB Piezotronics, Depew, N.Y., expanded its line of health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) to include charge output and high temperature sensors.

The HUMS are designed for in-flight monitoring and predictive maintenance of critical flight systems on helicopters and some fixed-wing aircraft.

The sensors have a robust design, with top or side exit electrical connectors and come in a variety of hermetically sealed physical configurations. Visit

Process Management

TechSAT, Poing, Germany, developed a Test Process Management tools suite based on its real-time test platform, the Avionics Development System 2nd Generation.

The company said the suite covers the test lifecycle of planning, creating, executing and documenting tests for validation and certification of avionics equipment. Visit

I/O Carrier

VMETRO, Oslo, Norway, introduced its Phoenix M6000 VXS (VITA-41) intelligent I/O controller with dual PMC/XMC sites. Phoenix is a family of products designed to enable system solutions for real-time multi-processors with high-speed serial communications.

Being VXS enabled, the Phoenix M6000 integrates into VMETRO’s existing Phoenix VXS systems to provide an embedded system controller, intelligent PMC/XMC carrier or high-performance data recording blade. Visit


Stratos Optical Technologies introduced its HTP-TR4 Quad Port Hybrid transceiver, a highly ruggedized, highly miniaturized component-level unit for 1 to 2.5 Gbps multimode optical data link applications.

The company said the Quad Port Hybrid is the first product of its kind to combine three critical design attributes for avionics equipment applications — a one-square-inch footprint that fits within a maximum height of 0.235 inches, full compliance with 1x/2x FiberChannel standards and ruggedness that will withstand avionics vibration and shock requirements.

The device may be customized to have different optical flex lengths, custom within flex routing, or use alternate types of fiber termini such as ST, SC or Mil-T-29504.

The Quad Port Hybrid also contains an embedded processor with interface to allow the application layer to control the power level of each transmit channel, read the receive strength on each receive channel, and perform low-level diagnostic tests to determine that the device is running at proper voltage and is performing as designed. Visit

Training System

ARINC Engineering Services, Annapolis, Md., introduced a maintenance training device designed replicate a functioning C-5 Galaxy glass cockpit. ARINC is a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, which is installing the cockpits on the Galaxy fleet. ARINC’s design includes positions for pilot, co-pilot and navigator, and a silhouette display simulates ailerons, elevators, stabilizer and rudder.

An instructor controls the device and can simulate almost 200 different maintenance actions. Visit

Bulk Wire and Cable

A.E. Petsche Co. will be the exclusive North American distributor of W.L. Gore & Associates’ Bulk Wire and Cable.

Under the agreement, A. E. Petsche will be the exclusive North America wire and cable distributor for Gore.

The company will stock a wide range of custom Gore products ranging from basic insulated and impedance controlled cables to complex round cables. Visit

Single Board Computers

Aitech Defense Systems, based in Chatsworth, Calif., expanded its C900 series of rugged 3U CompactPCI single board computers to include its low-power C903, which is powered by a 750FL PowerPC operating at 600 MHz.

Aitech said ideal applications for the C903 include actuator/axis control, communication bridges and protocol converters and remotely piloted ground and airborne vehicles.

The company said the systems operate at a temperature range from minus 55° C to 85° C. The C903 self-monitors its temperatures and power dissipation.

It has two Mb/s Ethernet ports and two USB ports, the company said. Visit

LED Backlighting

CI Lumen Industries, Hauppauge, N.Y., is offering a patent-pending LED backlighting technology for a variety of display panels. CI Lumen says its LED backlighting technology addresses engineers’ concerns for power consumption and heat relevant elevated brightness levels and may be applied to LCD panels.

CI Lumen developed the technology for hi-bright panels requiring brightness levels of 800 nits or more. The company said the technology can be turned on to full brightness immediately. Another benefit is simpler Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliance. Visit

Computing System

Linux Networx, Salt Lake City, released its LS-P Performance Tuned Supersystem for Metacomp Technologies’ CFD++. Linux said the LS-P Series of turnkey supercomputing systems deliver reductions in ownership costs.

The company said the system demonstrates a "commitment to provide aerospace customers with Linux Supersystems that deliver unmatched price/performance value, while accelerating time-to-productivity." Visit

Positronic Industries, Springfield, Mo., said its Goldfish power connector line has been expanded.

The low profile power connectors are designed for applications requiring high power through a small space.

Goldfish power connectors have AC/DC input, signal and output power contacts in a single connector; sequential mating; solder, press-fit and cable mount terminations; and three package sizes with six contact variants. Visit

Software Broker

Objective Interface Systems, Herndon, Va., said its object request broker (ORB), ORBexpress RT, now supports LynuxWorks’ LynxOS-SE real-time operating system, allowing developers to build safe and secure military and aerospace systems.

ORBexpress is based on the Real-time Common Object Request Broker Architecture standard that enables real-time and embedded devices in heterogeneous environments to communicate.

ORBexpress RT also provides the ability to plug in additional transport technologies using the standard General Inter-ORB Protocol. Visit,

VFR Communications

Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Batavia, Ohio, released its new VFR Communications program on DVD. The DVD outlines the communications skills required for flight in every type of VFR airspace.

The DVD shows pilots how to communicate efficiently with clearance delivery, tower, approach control and flight service stations. Visit

PCI Card

North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia N.Y., released its 76C2 PCI card, a 3-module, multi-function, half-slot PCI card.

The company said this universal card eliminates the need for specialized, single function cards by providing an assortment of functions on one single card.

The "mother board" contains three independent module slots, each of which can include the functions of A/D (10-channels), D/A (10-channels), S/D (4-channels), Function Generator (4-channels), Discrete I/O (16-channels), TTL I/O (16-channels), Transceiver I/O (11-channels), LVDT/RVDT (4-channels) and RTD (6-channels). The 76C2 is available with operating temperature ranges of minus 40° C to 85° C and 0° C to 70° C, the company said. Visit

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