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Helicopter Market Ready to Come to the Forefront

By Mark Holmes | February 1, 2014
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This month, Avionics takes a look into the highly lucrative helicopter avionics market, which is showing a number of interesting growth prospects for the industry. With the demand for state-of-the-art avionics in the helicopter market on the rise, we take a look at the key trends and technologies coming down the pike for heli operators.

With Heli-Expo just around the corner, this is an opportune time to see how this market is developing and look at how it compares to the traditional airline market in terms of uptake in technology. And what will Avionics readers find in that comparison? It seems the technology gap is growing a lot smaller.

Elsewhere, we look at interesting case studies in the United Kingdom and Canada. We focus on how Newcastle International Airport, one of the smaller regional airports in the U.K., has been a leader in deploying Air Traffic Control technologies, and we examine some of the key findings in this project.

In our “Perspective” feature, we put the spotlight on the Canadian aviation market and look at how three key airlines are investing in new technology and avionics infrastructures.

Our “Product Focus” this month discusses issues around the Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, which has been developing at quite a rapid pace. One of the key issues facing vendors is how to ensure that technology does not become obsolescent in a quick timeframe. We look at how operators in that niche avionics market are addressing those challenges. We also debut our Regional Scan section, which brings the top stories from key markets all around the world.

With “show season” about to get into full swing, Avionics is anticipating new developments and products coming as 2014 progresses. Heli-Expo should provide fascinating pointers into this vibrant market. They could set the trend for what promises to be an exciting year in the avionics arena.

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