EASA Releases Aviation Safety Plan for Next Four Years

By Nick Zazulia | February 16, 2018
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EASA wants to focus less on rule-making and more on support in the coming years. (File photo)

The European Aviation Safety Agency published its plan for aviation safety for the next four years. The 2018-2022 plan and rulemaking program, which are both included in one document, includes the following highlights:

    • EASA suggests what it calls a rulemaking “cool-down” over the next half-decade relative to recent years. It says it wants to emphasize the support of recently adopted regulations and focus on oversight and safety promotion campaigns rather than continuing to make rules at the same pace for the time being.
    • There has been a full review of research actions resulting in new research projects.
    • EASA wants to prioritize the coordination and facilitation of cooperation and technical training strategies at the regional level in support of the “No Country Left Behind” resolution.

As part of the global aviation safety plan, a project team is being established to further develop the plan and present an evolved version at the next regional aviation safety group-Europe meeting. They are focusing on oversight, global tactics for dealing with identified “high-risk categories” and strategies for supporting state safety programs.

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