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Rockwell Collins Traffic Computer Receives FAA Certification

By | August 6, 2013
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Rockwell Collins announced Aug. 5 that its new TTR-2100 Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) for aircraft has received FAA certification.

The traffic computer, which enables NextGen traffic surveillance, is now available for new and existing Boeing aircraft, with Airbus and Bombardier platforms to follow, Rockwell Collins said. Besides being more capable than legacy systems, TTR-2100 is 20 percent lighter and uses half the power, spokesman Joshua Baynes said.

TTR-2100 is part of a broader Rockwell Collins TCAS product line refresh that began with the Integrated Surveillance System (ISS-2100), which combines weather radar, TCAS, transponder and terrain awareness into one system for the Boeing 787. The advent of the ISS-2100 was followed by the certification of an integrated TCAS and transponder (TSS-4100) for business and regional aircraft.  Rockwell Collins expects TTR-4100 to be certified for more aircraft types later this year.

“With the certification of the TTR-2100, and soon-to-be certified TTR-4100 for helicopters and business and regional aircraft, Rockwell Collins will have completely transformed its TCAS/surveillance product line to meet the emerging requirements of NextGen airspace,” the company said.

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