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Malaysia Airlines Upgrades A380 Avionics 

By | July 11, 2013

Malaysia Airlines is upgrading its Airbus A380 fleet with Lufthansa Systems' Airport Mapping Database Lido/AMDB, which will provide the data necessary to operate the Onboard Airport Navigation System currently installed on the flight deck. 
The Lido/AMDB provides detailed information about the layout of airports worldwide, within a geo-referenced layout, including runway geometry and slope. 
“With Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/AMDB, we receive precise, up-to-date airport maps that are important to smooth flight operations. This increases the safety of flights while offering our pilots the benefits of an integrated system,” said Capt. Izham Ismail, director of operations at Malaysia Airlines


The airline will install the airport mapping solution onto all six of the A380s that it currently operates.  

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