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L-3 ESIS Awarded FAA TSO

By Tish Drake | August 16, 2012
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FAA granted Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval for L-3 Avionics Systems GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS). The GH-3900 has been selected by several OEMs as standard equipment aboard such aircraft as the LearJet 70/75 series, the Cessna Citation Ten and the Embraer KC-390. Additionally, Rockwell Collins has selected the GH-3900 ESIS for its Pro Line Fusion Flight Deck, which will be supplied to multiple new aircraft platforms and customers.

“It has been 15 years since we introduced the popular GH-3000 ESIS to the market,” said Larry Riddle, vice president of business development for L-3 Avionics Systems. “The next-generation GH-3900 builds on that success with even more configuration options, improved interconnectivity and a reduced footprint at a lower price point.”

The GH-3900 ESIS is capable of satisfying airworthiness requirements for almost any transport category fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft. With a customizable layout, the GH-Series standby instruments can be modified to fit a wide range of primary systems, giving pilots a familiar reference for flying the aircraft. Hardware enhancements include a variety of air data and heading input selections, as well as optional built-in accelerometers and a non-ITAR Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible solution.

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