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Trig Avionics Awarded FAA TSO for ADS-B Out Transponder

By Tish Drake | February 6, 2012
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Trig Avionics, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, was awarded FAA technical standard order (TSO) C166b certification for its TT31 and TT22 1090ES automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out transponders. The certification makes equipping for ADS-B more practical and affordable for general aviation pilots, the company said.

Underlining Trig’s commitment to existing customers, the TT31 and TT22 ADS-B transponders can both be updated with new software which is due to be released in spring 2012, via Trig’s Approved Dealer network. This update will bring all existing TT31 and TT22 hardware up to the new C166b standard.

“Achieving C166b certification demonstrates our commitment to provide light sports and general aviation pilots with a fully viable ADS-B solution ahead of 2020. As a company we aim to offer affordable transponder technology that is here today, but ready for tomorrow. With the majority of the U.S. national ADS-B infrastructure expected to be established and operational in 2013, we will see pilots taking advantage of ADS-B technology well before 2020," said Andy Davis, Trig Avionics CEO. “As a pilot I recognise that the cost of installing ADS-B avionics for many aircraft owners will be a serious financial challenge. That’s why Trig has developed products that are very competitive, of high quality and enable compliance with the ADS-B Out mandate with the minimum of installation difficulties."

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