Check out the new December/January 2020 issue of Avionics International where we cover all things embedded avionics!

Our new December/January 2020 issue is published, with five in-depth new articles focusing on all aspects of embedded computing trends currently happening across various segments of the global aviation electronics industry.

In this issue of Avionics International, we analyzed every aspect of embedded systems advancement that has robust activity around investment, research and development and demand from systems integrators. As you’ll learn from the cover story, the segment that will see the most widespread adoption of artificial intelligence through embedded enablement in the near future will be military unmanned aircraft systems.

In 2020, we've gone back to publishing new digital and print issues on a bi-monthly basis, and you can see our full editorial calendar for the year–which is subject to change based on industry trends!–in our media kit.

Accessing the new issue requires a free email subscription. Check out the lineup for December/January 2020 below:

Avionics Industry Advances Toward DAL A Multicore Adoption

Embedded systems suppliers and avionics manufacturers are making progress toward enabling more widespread adoption of multicore processors for safety critical Design Assurance Level A (DAL A) avionics applications.

Artificial Intelligence Efforts for Military Drones

Companies are embarking on efforts to embed artificial intelligence (AI) on military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), though the timing of full and effective autonomy for such drones is uncertain.

Industry Responds to New Security Regulations, Vulnerabilities Facing Embedded Suppliers

Suppliers of embedded systems technologies are facing new demands from customers and regulators to secure their products provided on board new commercial and military aircraft platforms.

How Embedded Systems Are Coping with the Heat of Today's Avionics

With faster processors, more functions, and higher bandwidth than ever before, today’s avionics are pushing the cooling technology envelope to the breaking point – and beyond.

How Fiber Optics Will Propel Future Avionics

The use of fiber optics is gaining momentum in modern avionics because it helps solve the size, weight and power (SWaP) challenges in next generation system designs.


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