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DRS Technologies Awarded Contract to Upgrade HH-60G Stabilization System

By Tish Drake | January 19, 2012
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The Intelligence, Communications and Avionics Solutions (ICAS) business unit of DRS Defense Solutions was awarded a $12 million contract by the U.S. Air Force for the Improved Altitude Hold and Hover Stabilization (IAHHS) upgrade to the HH-60G PAVE HAWK helicopter.

This fifth generation system will replace the original first generation Altitude Hold and Hover Stabilization (AHHS) system, which was developed and fielded in the early 1990s. The improvements include enhanced hover and cruise capabilities and will add automatic descent, landing, and “go-around” modes. DRS ICAS will also provide platform integration, technical data package development, test support, production kits, spares and support for the fleet of HH-60G PAVE HAWKS.

“A large portion of helicopter losses in Iraq and Afghanistan can be attributed to weather-related issues such as brown-out conditions and flying into unknown terrain,” says DRS ICAS President Logen Thiran. “Our IAHHS technology will play a critical role in ensuring the safety of those in and around the aircraft, under these less than desirable conditions.”

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