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ICG System Gets Iridium Approval

By Tish Drake | February 11, 2011
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International Communications Group (ICG), of Newport News, Va., said Thursday its NxtLink ICS-400 communications system has successfully completed the Iridium Compatible Equipment Certification (ICE) testing, and is approved for operation on the Iridium constellation and network.

The ICS-400, which combines four Iridium channels with an internal cabin telecommunications unit (CTU), offers global voice service coupled with telephone services. The NxtLink ICS-400 can be integrated with conventional telephony devices, other satcom systems or legacy CTU systems through standard 2-Wire “Tip and Ring” circuits, 4-Wire audio connections or CEPT-E1 digital circuits. Standard CTU features include intercom calling, call transfer, conferencing, follow-on dialing and voice prompts. The system architecture permits installation on any size airframe or aircraft model. The NxtLink ICS-400 also provides ARINC 429 connections and a dedicated Short Burst Data (SBD) transceiver to support ACARS messaging.

“Completion of this qualification demonstrates that we have met the stringent requirements outlined by Iridium and that the ICS-400 multi-channel system can provide reliable, global coverage for voice and data applications. We believe that by achieving this qualification for ICS-400, we are delivering a superior product,” said Darren Emery, ICG’s director of customer support.

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