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By Jonathan Ray | August 1, 2010
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Mastering Integration Complexity

For almost 25 years, TechSAT GmbH has been a reliable and competent partner of the aerospace industry, supporting aircraft systems development, integration, test and maintenance with state-of-the-art equipment and services. As an expert for integration and verification equipment, TechSAT has been a major supplier for most large aerospace programs of the last two decades, including Airbus A340, A380, A350, A400M, Boeing 777, 787, EFA and Tiger.

Located in southern Germany near Munich, TechSAT has a team of about 100 employees, primarily highly experienced systems, software and electronics engineers. Also, TechSAT is present with sales and support offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Seattle.

TechSAT’s core competency and main business segment is the design and development of turnkey solutions for integration, verification and validation of aircraft systems, including related consulting and services. In this market, TechSAT has successfully established itself as market leader in Germany with a strong international presence. TechSAT is one of the few companies worldwide that has the products and the experience needed to specify, design and build an integrated test facility for a complete aircraft.

Key to TechSAT’s success is the ADS2 Product Family, a modular and scalable integrated software/hardware platform, which forms the basis for a wide range of real-time integration and test systems as well as smaller scale simulation and analysis systems.

A second, fast-growing TechSAT business segment is providing board level products to the aerospace market. TechSAT offers a complete range of aerospace bus interfaces including AFDX®/ARINC 664, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 825, TTP and CAN. These are complemented with a wide range of software applications, such as data loaders, protocol simulations and analyzers, as well as a variety of signal I/O products specifically optimized for aerospace system test applications.

TechSAT's unique competencies and emphasis on teamwork have positioned it as an industry leader, with most major aerospace companies as customers. With representatives in Europe, United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan and a network of partner companies with complementing capabilities, it is well prepared to serve its customers worldwide.


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