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Malaysia Airlines Selects Thales Satcom

By Tish Drake | July 28, 2010
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Malaysia Airlines selected the Thales TopFlight SATCOM (TFS) for its new order of Boeing B737s.

The TopFlight SATCOM ARINC 781 standard supports Inmarsat aero-services for flight deck voice and data connectivity. In addition, for airlines that have the Thales In Flight Entertainment system, the TopFlight SATCOM enables data throughput to the passenger seat for Internet connection. Thales TopFlight SATCOM is available as a line fit option on B737, B777 passenger and freighter aircraft and is capable of supporting standalone cockpit or integrated cockpit and cabin solutions.

“The Thales TopFlight SATCOM programme will complement our incoming fleet of B737-800, which is scheduled to arrive starting October this year. The TFS will provide the hardware and communications software that connects the aircraft cockpit and cabin to the ground. This will enable safety services in the cockpit. We never compromised on safety and with Thales’ expertise in this area, we are looking forward to work closely with them to provide better service to our passengers,” said Malaysia Airlines Senior General Manager, Managing Director's Office, Muzzaffar Othman.

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