ACSS Submits Transponder for TSO Approval

By Tish Drake | April 30, 2010
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ACSS is seeking FAA certification to make its XS-950 Air Transport Data Link (ATDL) Mode S Transponder DO-260B capable (TSO c166b), the company announced Tuesday. ACSS, a joint venture between L-3 Communications and Thales, said it is the first avionics supplier to pursue DO-260B readiness within its product line.

Once the TSO is granted, the XS-950 will be able to transmit more information about an aircraft’s position using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology, ACSS said. Additionally, the certification will give the transponder additional capabilities including the ACSS SafeRoute suite of ADS-B In applications. SafeRoute’s software products include Surface Area Movement Management, In-Trail Procedures, CDTI Assisted Visual Separation and Merging & Spacing. New capabilities include Surface Indicating & Alerting (SURF IA), which was successfully demonstrated by ACSS and US Airways as part of an FAA program last year.

The first airlines to be equipped with the new ACSS DO-260B transponders will be US Airways and UPS. The aircraft set for installation include Airbus A300s and A330s, as well as Boeing 747s, 757s, 767s and MD-11s operated by the two carriers. FAA is expected to propose new rulemaking this summer that will mandate DO-260B transponders over the next few years.

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