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Satcom Functions Proven On EFB

By | March 5, 2009
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Latitude Technologies, of Victoria, B.C., Canada, said it has completed testing and proven the interoperability of its SkyNode S200 satcom voice and data transceivers with the NavAero t-BagC2 squared Class 2 electronic flight bag (EFB).

Specifically, Latitude Technologies said the text messaging, telephone dialing and device memory functions work with the EFB. Interoperability also was proven for geo-positioning and other flight data.

The Latitude software utility will allow navAero EFB users to install software that expands the core functionality of their EFBs. Text messages from the cockpit and cabin can be sent and received with Web-connected devices through Latitude’s LWS Sentinel data service. Received messages can be displayed in-flight through the EFB, a PDA or a laptop computer.

SkyNode devices will be able to provide WAAS and GPS position information to navAero EFBs for moving map and real-time, on-screen satellite weather displays for any position along the route, Latitude Technologies said.

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