Graphics Processing Unit, Human Interface

Quantum3D, Inc., of San Jose, Calif., was selected by Gables Engineering to provide its IGL178 and IData178 computing systems for use in Gables’ new Multi-Function Display (MFD) for air transport, regional and business aviation. IGL178 is a software-based Graphics Processing Unit for FAA DO-178B Level A certifiable OpenGL Safety Critical and OpenGL Embedded Systems applications. IData 178 is a FAA DO-178B Level A certifiable, model-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) and embedded visual computing application development and deployment software tool suite. The Gables MFD features I/O processing and reconfigurable and dedicated, CPU-based graphics processing that uses IGL178 to provide graphics. The MFD includes a large LCD screen, aided by IGL178’s image-quality enhancements. Because the smart MFD employs IData178, with its Model-Based Development capability, the MFD’s HMI may be modified to tailor the MFD for new applications. Visit

Ethernet Module

AdvancedIO Systems, Vancouver, Canada, introduced V1120, a dual-channel 10 gigabit Ethernet module. The V1100 family of 10GbE modules addresses requirements for open-standard, high-bandwidth networking and connectivity in real-time systems in harsh environments. The module uses a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and has two 10GbE interfaces. To accommodate large line-rate bursts of sensor data, it buffers up to 115,000 jumbo-frame Ethernet packets. It is designed for a temperature range of -40ËšC to 85ËšC. 10GbE interfaces are routed through Pn6, the secondary XMC connector. Visit

Digital Input Boards

United Electronic Industries (UEI), Walpole, Mass., released its Guardian Series DNx-DIO-448 digital input boards – – DNA-DIO-448 and DNR-DIO-448. The boards read all 48 bits at sustained rates of 1 kS/sec. The board uses an A/D input approach. A diagnostic input mode measures the analog voltage at each input, allowing accurate detection of short and open circuits as well identifying marginal or failing drive circuitry. The analog input works as an installation, diagnostic and data acquisition tool. Software for the DNA-DIO-448 is provided in the UEIDAQ Framework, which supports programming and operating systems such as Windows, Vista, Linux and most real-time operating systems. Visit

Cockpit Power Supply

Radiant Power, Sarasota, Fla., introduced Sentinel, an independent power supply which provides 10 minutes of additional power for crash survivable cockpit voice recorders (CVR). Sentinel is compliant with ARINC 777 and meets TSO-C155 certification standards. It supports cockpit voice, image and data recorders and interfaces with all ARINC 757/767 type CVRs. Visit


Beta Transformer Technology Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., introduced TSM-2233, a twin-stacked transformer. It has a 0.4-inch by 0.4-inch footprint and 0.32-inch maximum height package size, making it suitable for smaller Mil-Std-1553 board topologies. The TSM-2233 is available in ratios compatible with 3.3, 5, 12 and 15 Volt transceivers. It uses a header-style design that meets the requirements of Mil-PRF-21038 and Mil-Std-202. It operates at a temperature range of -55°C to +130°C. Visit

Fiberoptic Connector

Radiall, based in Paris, released the LXC-R, a single channel fiber optic connector suitable for applications in in-flight entertainment, sensors and military radio networking. The LXC-R is qualified to withstand a high level of vibration and shock and is specifically designed to be compatible with the industry standard LuxCis ARINC 801 fiber optic termini. The LXC-R products include keyed plugs and receptacles with various options for different environmental sealing requirements. Visit

Software Package

Data Device Corp. (DDC), Bohemia, N.Y., introduced a new version of its dataMARS software package for use with the BU-65590/91U, Mil-Std-1553/ARINC429 USB devices for avionics bus monitoring and post-analysis. DDC said the package provides monitoring capability through real-time displays and triggers, and post-analysis capability utilizing recorded data replay, reports and search functionality. Users can import Interface Control Documents allowing real-time conversions of raw data to applicable engineering units. Applications include bus or network analysis, automatic test equipment, production testing, systems integration, troubleshooting, and data recording. The software is ideal for use in flight-line test equipment and flight instrumentation. Visit

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