Finnish Air Force Targeting System

By Tish Drake | March 7, 2007
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Northrop Grumman signed an agreement with the Finnish Air Force to provide its Litening Advanced Targeting (AT) system for its F-18 Mid-life Update 2 program. Financial terms were not disclosed. Northrop Grumman said the system is a self-contained, multi-sensor weapon-aiming system that enables fighter pilots to detect, acquire, auto-track and identify targets for highly accurate delivery of conventional and precision-guided weapons. Litening AT features advanced image processing for target identification; coordinate generation for GPS weapons; a 640 x 512 pixel forward-looking infrared sensor; a 1,024 x 1,024 pixel charge-coupled device television sensor; a dual waveband infrared laser designator and range finder; a laser spot tracker; an infrared laser marker; and an optional air-to-ground data link and digital video recorder. With this contract award, the Finnish Air Force joins the U.S. Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Air Force, and Italian and Spanish navies in expanding Litening AT operational use. For related news

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