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By | February 1, 2002
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Data Acquisition System
Gould Instrument Systems, Valley View, Ohio, has introduced a data acquisition system that enables the synchronization of CANbus data frames, GPS position/time and 96 channels of traditional analog inputs. The coffee mug-sized Compact Data AcQuisition (C-DAQ) system, priced from $10,000, can be used to add an unlimited number of 16-channel, external thermocouple modules to acquire hundreds of channels of temperature data, as well as analog inputs and GPS data, the company claims. C-DAQ features up to four internal programmable signal conditioning modules. Visit

GPS Simulators
Three simulators by Cast Navigation offer testing for GPS/inertial navigation systems (INS). The portable CAST-750 is designed for C/A-code-only signal simulation. A second portable simulator, the CAST-1000, is the least expensive device for C/A- and P-code applications testing, the company says. Both products can model up to 10 space vehicle signals. A third offering, the CAST-500, provides C/A- and P-code radio frequency GPS signal simulation for in-plant testing. This device simulates a 10-satellite constellation simultaneously and executes a series of fixed test scenarios. Visit

Media File Servers
, Montebello, Calif., has introduced media file servers meant to improve replay quality and reduce flight attendant workload. New digital audio reproducers (AE-1600SS) and digital video reproducers (VE-801SS and VE-801HD) store and automatically replay digital content for the Passenger Entertainment System (PES). Both are form-and-fit replacements for existing audio and tape-based video systems without aircraft mods. Both servers provide background loading, automatically updating music and video libraries. Visit

Instrumentation Recorders
Sypris Data Systems
, Monrovia, Calif., has announced a new instrumentation disk recorder (Model 85) and a reconfigured disk-based recording system (Model 80). Model 85 features a built-in network port that can transfer recorded data at up to 240 megabits/sec (Mbits/sec), with a minimum internal disk storage of 200 gigabytes (Gbytes). The reconfigured Model 80 emulates Model 64 when using the Armor I data multiplexer, allowing storage archiving and transfer of multistream analog and digital data. Visit

Pitot Probe Cover
Montreal-based Nav-Aids Ltd. has developed a pitot probe cover that withstands temperatures to 950 degrees F (510 degrees C) for a maximum of 20 minutes when installed on the pitot tube. Available for all aircraft and helicopter types, the products exceed fluid susceptibility guidelines contained in RTCA’s DO-160D, section II. Visit

Pitot Test Terminal
A remote handheld terminal for pitot static test applications has been launched by Druck Ltd. in Leicester, England. Marketed by Barfield in North America as the DPS450, the unit offers a high-contrast, one-quarter-VGA screen readable in any light conditions, Druck says. The product also features reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM)-compliant accuracy and fully automatic control of testing parameters. Visit and

Multi-Axis Inertial System
The new MotionPak II from the BEI Systron Donner Inertial Division of BEI Technologies Inc. in Ashford, England, offers a multi-axis, solid-state inertial sensing system based on micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The product includes three orthogonally mounted MEMS rate gyroscopes and three silicon accelerometers, with outputs of angular velocity (rate) and linear acceleration about three axes. Outputs are provided in both analog and digital formats. Applications include GPS aiding and attitude reference systems. Visit

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