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By | December 1, 2000
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Analog Test Subsystem
Teradyne Inc. launched its Ai7-Series Analog Test Subsystem for advanced mixed-signal functional testing during the fall Autotestcon trade show in Anaheim, Calif. The Ai7-Series provides high-throughput testing for complex mixed signal modules, board and boxes using a test-per-pin analog testing architecture. Each of the 32 analog channels contain six independent instruments resulting in 192 test instruments for a single VXI C-sized slot. The product comes with a VXI plug-and-play software driver and hardware that is compliant with VXI interface standards. Contact Stephen Fairbanks, Teradyne’s product manager, at 508-878-1514, or visit

ATN Software
Ireland-based Airtel ATN offers three software products that will support aeronautical operational control (AOC) over the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN). The products provide more versatile and transparent data communications between the ground and aircraft. The packages currently include the Airtel ATN access router, the Airtel AOC gateway server, and the Airtel Airborne AOC application support package, which permits existing ACARS applications to communicate over the ATN. The products are ICAO SARPs (standards and recommended practices) compliant and compatible with the evolving ARINC-637 standard. They will be made available prior to Eurocontrol’s PETAL IIe trial and the FAA-sponsored Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) operational trial. See

VHF Transceiver
UK-based Park Air Electronics has introduced the T6MBS VHF transceiver, the latest addition to the company’s T6 family of software driven radios. It is designed especially for small airports, airline dispatch centers, and airport emergency services. The T6MBS can be used as a self-contained desktop unit, or in a 19-inch (48-cm) rack-mount configuration. If required, the radio can be operated using the equipment’s remote control facilities, which connect to the customer’s existing voice communications control system. The radio scans 15 frequency ranges, as well as up to 15 priority frequencies. Radios can be supplied with frequencies pre-set to customer requirements or customized on-site by the customer using a personal computer connected to the radio’s front-panel serial programming port. See

Visual Fault Finder
RIFOCS Corp. has introduced the RIFOCS 263MT visual fault finder to identify breaks and bending losses in fiber-optic cables terminated with MT-RJ small form factor (SFF) duplex connectors. A 0dBm (1-mw) 635-nm red laser launched into both fibers makes breaks, bending losses, and other defects visible for up to 1 km. The 263MT features continuous wave output and a 1-second pulsed output mode that increases viewing contrast in difficult lighting conditions. Visit

Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent Technologies Inc. offers the Agilent E4440A, the first in the Agilent PSA series of high-performance spectrum analyzers. It was developed to measure and monitor complex RF and microwave signals in aerospace/defense and wireless communications. The E4440A is said to accelerate time-to-insight and decrease the time needed to prove the quality of a design. See

Helicopter Vibration Sensor
Columbia Research Laboratories Inc. offers its new Model 8064-M10 accelerometer, designed to work in the harsh environments in which military and commercial helicopters and other aircraft are subjected to. The isolated piezoelectric seismic system is coupled with an integrated constant-current mode signal conditioning electronics package. The design combination delivers a nominal vibration sensitivity of 25 mV/g with a measurement frequency range from 2 Hz to 3 KHz, and an output of less than 100 ohms. Contact Robert R. Reymos at 800-813-8471 or 610-872-3900, or visit for more information.

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