Columbia Helicopters Taps Skytrac for FDM

By Staff Writer | February 23, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Skytrac

Columbia Helicopters is now using Skytrac flight data monitoring for its Boeing-based, long-range Chinook 234, the operator said. The solution features realtime analysis of engine exceedances and operational deviations.

Using Skytrac’s Satellite Data Download feature, the system can offload full flight logs upon landing. A cockpit camera assembly gives users the option for recording flight deck console activity. But Skytrac goes further than just supplying flight data monitoring services. Columbia uses realtime voice and text, automated flight following services and cockpit Wi-Fi from Skytrac.

In addition to the services Skytrac provides for Columbia, it offers data acquisition hardware, electronic flight bag solutions, global aeronautical distress safety system compliance and operations integration.

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