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By | September 1, 2000
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MD41-1480 Annunciator

Mid-Continent Instruments’ MD41-1480 (series) annunciator is the latest accessory for the Garmin GNS 430 system, meeting U.S. Federal Aviation Administration requirements for the GPS annunciation in the pilot’s normal field of view. This newest annunciation control unit (ACU) measures 0.75-inches-high by 2.45-inches-wide by 2.65-inches deep. It allows the MD41-1480 to be mounted from the front of the panel with a clamping arrangement. Automatic photocell dimming is a standard feature and the ACU is approved under TSO C129. For more information, contact J. Todd Winter, Mid-Continent Instruments, at 800-821-1212 or 316-630-0101.


Virtual Prototypes Inc. announced a major upgrade of its FLSIM 8.0 and HELISIM 4.0 software products. Enhancements include new models, simplified user interfaces, optional add-on modules and more customization capabilities. The upgrades offer features common to both products, such as shared object/DLL support, profile loading from DE (ability to configure aircraft models through the user interface), aero model reference framework, general DE enhancements (more intuitive, fewer windows displayed, less navigation is required). Plus, a redesigned turbofan/turbojet model has been added to complement FLSIM. For more, visit www.VirtualPrototypes.CA.

DME 700

GHz Technology now offers high-power output for all avionics applications with the introduction of its DME 700. The DME 700 has a power output of 700 watts greater than the 1025-1150 MHz frequency range and completes the GHz lineup of high-power devices for DME applications. Existing DME users can upgrade to the DME 700 to increase range and performance without changing drivers. The DME 700 packaging and footprint also are compatible with existing designs. For more information, visit

1553 PCI PMC

Vista Controls of Santa Clarita, Calif., has released the P1553 high-performance, tri-channel, dual-redundant 1553 bus interface PCI mezzanine card (PMC). The product supports Mil-Std 1553A, Mil-Std 1553B Notice 2 and Stanag 3838 protocols. It is designed for critical applications and provides all I/O connections through the backplane. It supports both transformer coupled and direct coupled interfaces. The three optional modes supported are: bus controller, remote terminal or bus monitor. Direct inquiries to Edee Hathaway at phone 661-257-4430, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Multimode MT-RJ Transceivers

The Fiber Optic division of Tyco Electronics Corp., now offers its next generation AMP OC-3/fast Ethernet multimode MT-RJ transceivers, which operate at 156 megabits/second and 125 megabits/sec, respectively. The AMP transceivers employ 1300 nm optics. The module, which operates from a single +3.3-volt power supply, contains separate transmitter and receiver sections with PECL and LVPECL compatible data interfaces. For further information, contact Robert L. Williams Jr. by e-mail: [email protected].

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