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Photo of the Month October 2008
The Search & Rescue Summit 2008 was held September 18 and honored three crews that were responsible for extraordinary heroism... Read More »
Photo of the Month September 2008
Sikorsky Chief Test Pilot Kevin Bredenbeck takes off on the first flight... Read More »
Photo of the Month August 2008
Pilot Scott Kasprowicz (left) and copilot Steve Sheik are attempting to set a new speed record for an around-the-world helicopter flight using an unmodified AgustaWestland Grand... Read More »
Photo of the Month July 2008
Sikorsky Aircraft's X2 technology demonstrator on the tarmac earlier this year at the company's... Read More »
Photo of the Month June 2008
AgustaWestland's multi-role, single-engine helicopter, the AW119 Ke, entered service with several operators in... Read More »
Photo of the Month May 2008
This image was taken at a rescue performed  in August 2007 to save a  seriously injured... Read More »
SkyHook's Boeing Heavy Lifter
Calgary, Alberta-based SkyHook International has tapped Boeing's Rotorcraft Div. to develop the JHL-40 neutral-buoyancy rotorcraft to carry a 40-ton payload about 175 nm. A... Read More »
Enstrom Trains Peruvian Navy Crews
Enstrom Helicopter reports it has completed training of pilots and mechanics from the Peruvian navy. They will be flying and supporting... Read More »
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