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Munich Announces Plan to Become Germany’s First Carbon-Neutral Airport

By Woodrow Bellamy III | December 9, 2016

[Avionics Magazine 12-9-2016] Munich Airport will become Germany's first airport to achieve carbon-neutral operations. The governing bodies of the airport operating company adopted a resolution to approve this ambitious target at their meetings today. It states that the CO2 emissions directly attributable to the airport's operations will be reduced by 60 percent by 2030. The remaining 40 percent will take the form of carbon offsets. These are to be generated whenever possible through certified projects at the regional level. 
An Air Berlin aircraft taking off at Munich Airport. Photo: Munich Airport. 
The package of measures for achieving carbon neutrality at Munich Airport covers all areas, but especially the energy supply, efficiency improvements in building systems, vehicle fleet optimization, exterior lighting and further improvements in electric power use of the baggage transport system. The improvements range from intelligent control technologies to climate-optimized facades, including a switch to LED technology for runway lighting, increased reliance of renewable energy sources and greater use of electro-mobility in the airport's vehicle fleet.

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