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Norwegian Selects iPad for Boeing 737 Maintenance

By | December 16, 2013

Norwegian Air Shuttle has reached an agreement to begin supporting its line maintenance operations with iPad applications, Boeing said Monday, Dec. 16. 
Under the agreement, Norwegian will implement Boeing's new suite of iPad-based mobile maintenance applications for its fleet of Boeing 737s. The iPads will be used by Norwegian technicians for their back-end maintenance planning system for real-time access to parts inventory listings, maintenance troubleshooting and operations decisions. 
"Norwegian clearly recognizes the value in efficiencies gained by putting real-time information in the hands of their maintenance crews at the airplane," said John Maggiore, director of fleet and maintenance solutions at Boeing Digital Aviation.

Boeing recently launched its mobile maintenance applications at the MRO Europe conference in London, based on extensive input from several airlines. 

"Our technicians are very excited to be able to use these new applications," said Espen Hartsang, lead mechanic at Norwegian Air Shuttle. "This will make our jobs much easier. Now we will have real-time mobile access to all the information we need, so we can improve our maintenance turn times and keep our airplanes flying safely." 

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