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Bombardier ‘Aircraft 0’ Cseries Takes Virtual Flight

By | August 29, 2012

Bombardier’s “Aircraft 0” — an on-the-ground integrated systems test and certification rig for the CSeries aircraft (ISTCR) — has begun virtual flights at its Mirabel, Québec facility.

The Montreal-based manufacturer said the avionics, electrical flight control, fly-by-wire, hydraulic, landing gear and wiring systems have all been successfully demonstrated for its ISTCR, which will lead to the development of the CSeries aircraft entering the ground-testing phase.

“The commissioning of all the systems on ‘Aircraft 0’ was an important milestone that has allowed us to initiate the integrated ground test phase, and to conduct virtual flights. This approach, which involves testing a complete aircraft with all main systems and software fully configured at production standard, is new for our industry. It will allow us to extensively test systems design in order to mitigate risk and provide the necessary reliability prior to the first flight. The results thus far have been to our satisfaction and some have even exceeded our expectations,” said Rob Dewar, vice president and general manager of the CSeries program at Bombardier.

Bombardier has booked orders and commitments for more than 300 CSeries aircraft from airlines and leasing companies — mostly with customers in Europe and Asia — and plans on the CSeries aircraft entering into service in 2013.


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