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Volocopter and Swiss-AS Sign Contract for MRO Software Integration

On May 30, Swiss Aviation Software and Volocopter cosigned a multi-year contract for utilization of AMOS, the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) software developed by Swiss-AS. (Photo: Volocopter)

Swiss Aviation Software (Swiss-AS) and Volocopter signed a significant multi-year contract this week for the utilization of Swiss-AS’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) software, AMOS. Under this agreement, AMOS will be employed for managing Volocopter’s global fleet of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The integration of this software will offer monitoring and analysis of aircraft reliability, and serve as an interface with the VoloIQ, Volocopter’s digital operating system.

As a trailblazer in the UAM (urban air mobility) industry, Volocopter is on track to receive type certification for its two-seater VoloCity, an electric air taxi, in 2024. In addition to product certification, a successful launch and future expansion necessitate the establishment of a robust UAM ecosystem.

Volocopter recently shared news of the opening of its production facilities in Bruchsal, Germany, including a new hangar and airfield. The company has been expanding its production setup at this location for roughly the last year and a half.

A spokesperson at Volocopter provided insights into the contract with Swiss-AS in a written statement to Avionics International.

Below are comments from Volocopter’s spokesperson regarding the integration of AMOS with the VoloIQ system and the enhancement of fleet management for eVTOL aircraft.

“The VoloIQ is generally a dynamic system that links customer booking, routes, aircraft status, and battery health. This means we know where the aircraft needs to be [and] what status the aircraft is in before and after the flight, as well as the battery health, flight hours, and location of the aircraft should a route diversion (due to priority aircraft) take place during aircraft activities in the air.

The linking of these aircraft data with Swiss AMOS will enable an efficient and accurate task map for MRO: where and what type of maintenance is required and who is the technician capable to do the MRO. It all fits in with the concept of maintaining an efficient turnaround of aircraft under very high aviation industry safety standards and regulations. AMOS is the official system that will support us to achieve CAMO and MOA.”

The representative from Volocopter also commented on the challenges and requirements of the UAM sector that are addressed through the collaboration with Swiss-AS.

“Volocopter is a designer of the aircraft, and in some places in the world, we will also be operators of eVTOL aircraft. In addition to the type certification of the aircraft, we need many other certifications under EASA to achieve entry into service. CAMO and MOA are two of these approvals needed. Please see the link below and the downloadable certificates that we need to achieve. Swiss AMOS is a high-quality, industry-standard software that we partner with on a global basis, putting our safety-first mentality into practice.”

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Finally, the spokesperson from Volocopter explained the safety measures and/or procedures that will be implemented in maintenance and ground-side operations to ensure safety for passengers and crews.

“Swiss AMOS and VoloIQ are software; they will secure the highest technical standard of aviation safety MRO for the aircraft, at all times. The type certification of the aircraft will ensure the safety of the hardware (aircraft) which we are certifying under EASA to the level of a commercial airliner. From a customer service point of view, we will ensure separation of aircraft movement and maintenance movement from [the] customer-facing part of the operations. This will depend on infrastructure location and needs, and it is still in progress.”

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