FDH Aero, a California-based company that provides supply chain solutions for aerospace and defense, has had success in recent years despite the tumultuous climate. (Photo: FDH)

An aerospace company needs a supply chain, and the right strategy is crucial. An efficient and reliable supply chain helps companies to achieve their strategic and business goals.

The supply chain for an aerospace company involves a complex ecosystem of OEMs, suppliers, providers of maintenance services, and customers. The pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have contributed to supply chain challenges and disruptions.

“Russia’s war on Ukraine has caused industrial leaders to think about whether the aerospace sector is too dependent on specific regions or countries,” according to Patrick Gagné, Director of Operations at Global Partner Solutions. “Likewise, industrial leaders have analyzed the situation and considered diversification to reduce dependency on Russia’s resources.”

Gagné noted that aerospace companies can adopt digital technologies—such as advanced enterprise resource planning systems, artificial intelligence, predictive models, and data security—to move past disruptions. “​​These systems automate internal processes, streamline workflows, allow for better supply chain management, and let you leverage the power of data analytics to better position your company for dealing with uncertain situations,” he explained.

FDH Aero, a California-based company that provides supply chain solutions for aerospace and defense, has had success in recent years despite the tumultuous climate. Last year, FDH entered into a multi-year direct line feed agreement with FACC, an Austrian aerospace company. “We have made significant investments into our team in Europe, taking on well-respected industry experts in our new facilities in Germany and Italy,” commented Fred Short of FDH. 

This week, the company announced that it has acquired BJG Electronics Group. BJG, headquartered in New York, offers interconnect and electromechanical products for a variety of markets.

Once the acquisition is complete, FDH will establish the FDH Aero Electronic Products Group division. Mitch Enright, who previously led another of FDH’s acquisitions, will be named president of the new division.

“The acquisition of BJG Electronics and establishment of our new FDH Aero Electronic Products Group comes at a time when raw material shortages and supply-chain constraints further emphasize the necessity for our customers to have a dependable and trusted supply-chain solutions provider for all of their electronic product needs,” Enright said in a written statement to Avionics International.

FDH delivers both OEM and aftermarket hardware solutions, including bearings, hinges, panel fasteners, seals, fittings, and clamps. The company also delivers c-class electrical components as well as high-performance connectors for the commercial and defense industries.

FDH Aero distributes chemicals and related products for the commercial and defense aftermarket industries, like adhesives, sealants, composites, and paints. Additionally, the company offers parts support, component repair management, inventory management, and licensing/authorizations. Its suppliers include Safran, 3M, PPG, Glenair, and TE Connectivity, among others.

Some of FDH’s customers include Lufthansa, Northrop Grumman, Ryanair, Sikorsky, Southwest, Turkish Airlines, UPS, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Delta, Embraer, FedEx, Finnair, Gulfstream, L3Harris, LATAM, Leonardo, and Lockheed Martin.

FDH Aero acquired Calco Industries in January 2022, marking its 11th acquisition. Calco is a supply chain partner to OEMs in the military and commercial aerospace sectors. FDH hoped to grow its position in the military rotorcraft supply chain with this acquisition.

The company also acquired Electro Enterprises in July 2022, which was led by Mitch Enright. Electro is a distributor of electrical and electronic components for aerospace and defense.

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