Astronautics Debuts New EFB

By Tish Drake | June 23, 2011
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Astronautics Corporation of America unveiled a new Class 3 electronic flight bag, NEXIS Flight Intelligence system, adding new software capabilities and software improvements to its line of systems. The company released the product this week at the Paris Air Show. 

The system uses an Intel Core i7 Processor, with a solid-state hard drive and 4GB of RAM. It is an avionics-grade, DO-160F-certifyable system, according to Eyton Zelazo, business development at Astronautics.

Zelazo told Avionics Magazine the company hopes to receive the supplemental type certification for the A320 by the end of the year, and more STCs on other airframes, including the Boeing 737, as customers demand it. Installations on 35 aircraft for the unnamed U.S. launch customer will begin in the first quarter 2012, Zelazo said.

The EFB was designed for either a window or panel mount installation. It has a Linux operating system and is qualified to host a range of certified applications, including the ACSS SafeRoute suite of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) applications. Applications include traffic information, enhanced en-route situational awareness, enhanced capability for visual separation on approach, in-trail procedures, optimized spacing intervals, enhanced optimized profile descents and arrivals, and enhanced airport surface situational awareness and future applications.

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