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Lilium’s Tech Demonstrator Hits Targeted Maximum Speed

Lilium’s tech demonstrator recently achieved the targeted maximum speed. (Photo: Lilium)

Earlier this month, eVTOL developer Lilium achieved a significant milestone. Its Phoenix 2 tech demonstrator aircraft hit the targeted maximum speed during a flight test—about 155 mph, or 136Kts (250+ km/h).

This week, Lilium released a video of the flight, which can be viewed below.

According to a spokesperson for the company, this achievement “is a big deal as it helps us to demonstrate stability and controllability of the aircraft and control software also in high speed.”

The spokesperson added that the achievement “helps us become one step closer to the certification of our conforming aircraft, by validating our models in the high-speed regime.”

The Phoenix 2 comes in for a landing after hitting its maximum speed during a flight test. (Photo: Lilium)

Last month, Lilium shared news of an agreement with with Collins Aerospace to design and develop the inceptors that pilots will use to control the Lilium Jet. “While integrating all conventional mechanical and electrical flight controls into two sidesticks, the Collins Aerospace system brings a new piloting philosophy for single pilot operations in the eVTOL realm,” according to the announcement.

Last fall, Lilium announced that its technology demonstrator achieved full transition from hover to wing-borne flight. The Phoenix 2 aircraft has been performing test flights in Spain since the spring of 2022, and the team first achieved a main wing transition flight in June.

Lilium successfully completed its second Design Organization Approval (DOA) audit by EASA in April. The third DOA was completed in December 2022. Lilium is working towards type certification of its eVTOL aircraft with both EASA and the FAA.

Lilium’s tech demonstrator Phoenix 2 passed an important milestone. The team has hit its maximum speed for the aircraft—136Kts, or 250+ km/h (155+ mph). (Photo: Lilium)

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