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Ocean Explorer Signs Agreement for Use of Beacon Platform

By John Pullen | March 3, 2023
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Embraer signed a commercial agreement with Ocean Explorer, a helicopter operator, for the use of Beacon—the maintenance coordination digital platform. (Photo: Embraer)

Brazilian helicopter operator Ocean Explorer recently signed an agreement with Embraer for the use of its Beacon platform. This deal will help Ocean Explorer to better manage its fleet and maintenance resources, while allowing Embraer to bring its Beacon program to a new segment of the industry.

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced the launch of Beacon about four years ago. The program’s main focus is to help clients connect with needed maintenance resources, all while addressing the challenges posed to an industry that struggles from a shortage of licensed aviation professionals. Specifically, Embraer made Beacon’s focus on assisting with inefficiencies in aviation maintenance pipelines—namely, by offering communication tools and systemized resources for clients. The program has since earned the support of various companies across the aviation industry. Just last month, Embraer signed an agreement with Vortex Aircraft Services for the use of Beacon.

Beacon is home to a network of maintenance resources, including technicians and operators. It serves as an online hub that shares data and expertise, which allows it to help its clients increase shared knowledge and thus productivity levels across their organizations. 

Ocean Explorer is the most recent aircraft operator to demonstrate interest in Embraer’s program. The Brazilian helicopter management company just signed a commercial agreement for the use of Beacon. As an operator of an Airbus ACH160, Ocean Explorer hopes to take advantage of the faster return-to-service times the program provides in addition to improved coordination and connection to resources.

As Daniel Braz, General Manager at Ocean Explorer, explained, “Beacon is the ideal solution for Ocean as we seek for a smarter and digital maintenance operation. With Beacon, our team can communicate with maintenance centers, engine maintenance representatives, and other external partners in real-time without the trouble of searching for information on emails and phone calls. We need to make sure the helicopter is always available, so keeping information safe and accessible to everyone involved is critical.”

This contract marks a milestone in Embraer’s release of Beacon. Ocean Explorer will be the first helicopter operator to utilize the platform, demonstrating the applicability this product has to a variety of segments in the industry. Given that in Brazil alone there are over 2,000 daily helicopter flights (and 400 helicopters based in Sao Paulo), Embraer remains optimistic that similar companies will be attracted to Beacon for its easy accessibility and convenience.

The global aviation industry has been plagued with labor shortages and operational challenges as demand across all sectors recovers from the pandemic. Ocean Explorer’s new deal with Beacon indicates how important coordination and resource management have become to the industry.

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