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Qatar Airways Cargo Enters Strategic Partnership with FLYR Labs

In a new partnership, Qatar Airways Cargo will use advanced technologies from FLYR Labs to forecast capacity and optimize services. (Photo: Qatar Airways Cargo)

A new strategic commercial partnership between Qatar Airways Cargo and FLYR Labs was announced this week. Qatar Airways Cargo launched its “The Next Generation” initiative last year which includes digital transformations and new products to meet the current needs of the air cargo industry. 

The strategic partnership with FLYR Labs will serve to advance The Next Generation initiative. Qatar will leverage FLYR Labs’ advanced technologies—such as deep learning—to forecast cargo capacity and demand. Qatar Airways Cargo will also be able to optimize its commercial decision making with artificial intelligence technologies from FLYR.

FLYR has developed a cloud-native decision intelligence platform that uses deep learning technology to address the complexities of the air cargo industry through AI-based automated revenue management. The platform, called the “Revenue Operating System,” processes the context behind airline data to help commercial organizations to make more informed decisions.

Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways Cargo, commented that the partnership will provide crucial insights for unlocking new opportunities. “We are resolutely committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry by embracing the latest technologies, and our partnership with FLYR is the most recent example of this,” Halleux remarked in the press release.

Last month, Halleux commented on the success of The Next Generation initiative: “Launching The Next Generation has allowed us to bring an entirely new perspective to everyone involved in the air cargo value chain.”

Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR, also commented on the collaboration with Qatar Airways Cargo, saying, “We jointly believe that FLYR’s advanced AI technology will drive the industry forward, accelerated by this partnership, to unlock exceptional results and bring renewed sophistication to forecasting and revenue maximization at the heart of commercial operations.”

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