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Airbus Uses Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Deliver All Aircraft From U.S. Facility

Airbus has begun using a blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all deliveries of aircraft from its facility in Mobile, Alabama. (Airbus)

In pursuing carbon-neutral growth in aviation, Airbus has started to deliver all aircraft produced at its facility in Mobile, AL, using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blended with conventional jet fuel. SAF can enable up to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, according to the announcement. World Energy and Signature Flight Support are partnering to supply the SAF to Airbus.

Airbus Americas CEO and Chairman C. Jeffrey Knittel stated, “Delivering every one of our Mobile-produced aircraft with SAF is an important, iterative step toward solving the carbon challenge. We are committed to making sustainable aviation fuels an everyday reality with use on an increasingly larger scale.”

So far, Delta Air Lines, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, and Breeze Airways have already received aircraft from the manufacturing facility in Mobile via deliveries that use a blend of SAF. The aircraft produced at the facility includes both A220 and A320 Family aircraft.

SAF reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% over the fuel life cycle. (Airbus / Tad Denson)

Airbus reported its 2021 commercial aircraft deliveries this week with a total of 611 commercial aircraft, an increase from the 2020 total of 566 deliveries. Additionally, 25% of the company’s commercial aircraft were transported through the “e-Delivery” process. This involves an electronic Transfer-of-Title and ferry flight approach. Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus, is confident in the outlook for the upcoming year. “While uncertainties remain,” he stated, “we are on track to lift production through 2022 to meet our customers’ requirements.” 

Faury had predicted just a few months ago that Airbus would meet its goal of 600 aircraft deliveries for 2021. While the company has a significant focus on sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, they also continue to expand production with a goal of producing 65 A320 aircraft per month by summer 2023. The idea is that airlines placing new orders for aircraft from Airbus will receive their deliveries sooner since delivery slots are already filled beyond 2023.

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