PODCAST: Intelsat’s John Wade Talks Future of Software-defined Satellites and In-flight Connectivity

Intelsat Commercial Aviation President John Wade is the guest on this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast.

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, we feature a sponsored interview with Intelsat.

John Wade, president of the commercial aviation division of Intelsat, joins the episode to explain how the introduction of software-defined satellites will revolutionize in-flight connectivity (IFC).

Intelsat signed a contract with Airbus to build two OneSat satellites operating in multiple frequency bands that will power their next-generation software-defined network earlier this year.

John talks about how that technology will improve in-flight connectivity performance and also gives a status update on Intelsat’s current install base in terms of the number of connected commercial aviation aircraft using their current satellite network.

Learn more about how Intelsat is shaping the future of connected air travel by clicking here.

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