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Eve Aims to Bring its eVTOL to Brazil with Helisul Partnership

By Kelsey Reichmann | June 7, 2021
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EmbraerX’s eVTOL aircraft concept. (Embraer)

Eve Urban Air Mobility and Helisul Aviation have formed a partnership to create an urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem in Brazil for Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, according to a June 7 press release from the company.

The partnership will start with a proof-of-concept operation for eVTOLs using helicopters and include an order for 50 of Eve’s eVTOL aircraft, according to the release.

“Disruptive Urban Air Mobility solutions can bring same type of benefits that aviation already brought to longer trips literally closer to people, giving urban commuters more options to move around the city,” Andre Stein, president & CEO of Eve Urban Air Mobility, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Helisul Aviation allows us to disrupt Brazil’s already large air taxi infrastructure and it is well-positioned for the future of flight transportation. Our team will provide comprehensive services, including Urban Air Traffic Management solutions, while benefiting from Helisul’s unique market position.”

Eve and Helisul’s eVTOL proof of concept will leverage existing air taxi infrastructure in Brazil, according to the release. They will also focus on creating an inclusive service and maximizing accessibility in their designs of vertiports and eVTOL boarding operations.

“This partnership with Eve is cause for great satisfaction to Helisul,” Luis Carlos Munhoz da Rocha, Commercial Director of Helisul Aviation, said in a statement. “Eve is looking far ahead of the market needs and Helisul shall follow all its steps hand-in-hand. With cities growing bigger and traffic more and more congested, our partnership to build intelligent solutions and practices for urban mobility in the big cities will improve quality of life reducing air pollution and moving times with door-to-door transportation.”

Eve is backed by Embraer and the first company to spin off from EmbraerX.

Last week Eve announced a partnership with Halo to develop UAM products and services in the U.S. and UK. Eve’s eVTOL engineering simulator took its first flight in July of 2020.

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