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Cessna Citation Longitude Achieves FAA Type Certification

By Frank Wolfe | September 23, 2019
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Cessna Citation Longitude. Photo: Textron Aviation

On its webpage on Sept. 23, Wichita, Kansas-based Textron Aviation, Inc. headlined the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) certification of the company’s Cessna Citation Longitude super-midsize business jet, “Let the Revolution Begin.”

“FAA Type Certification follows the most robust flight, structural and component qualification testing completed on a Citation to date,” Textron Aviation said. “The experimental and demo fleet completed close to 6,000 hours of flight time. In addition to 11,000 test points during the certification process, the Longitude also completed a 31,000-nautical mile world tour, demonstrating the aircraft’s outstanding long-range performance capability and reliability in a variety of environments.

The newly certified Citation Longitude features a Garmin G5000 avionics suite with autopilot and optional heads-up display and enhanced vision system interfaces; auto-throttles with emergency descent mode; four touchscreen controllers; and LinxUs, an on-board diagnostics tool that provides real-time maintenance reporting.

The Longitude offers a full fuel payload of 1,500 pounds, a maximum cruise speed of 476 knots, and a high-speed range of 3,400 nautical miles. According to Textron Aviation, the aircraft also features flight controls supplied by Collins Aerospace, horizontal stabilizer trim actuator, which controls the pitch of the horizontal stabilizer in order to reduce drag and trim the aircraft for optimal efficient flight.

Its dual-load-path design provides two independent attachment points between the horizontal stabilizer and the airframe for added safety. Additionally, the flap actuator system supplied by Collins is capable of extending and retracting the trailing-edge flap system, which is used to increase lift during slow flight.

State-of-the-art cabin technology enables passengers to manage their environment and entertainment from any mobile device, maximizing in-flight connectivity and productivity,” the company said. 

Ed Wenninger, chief pilot for Textron Aviation engineering flight test, said that the Longitude “is the best flying Citation yet and that “the FADEC-equipped Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines feature fully integrated auto-throttles with envelope protection and provide responsiveness and excellent power.”



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