Intel Drones to Aid in Restoration of Great Wall of China

The Intel Falcon 8+ drone is outfitted for industrial inspection, surveying and mapping. Photo courtesy of Intel Corporation

Intel and the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation have created a partnership to protect and restore the Great Wall of China.

Over the next few months, Intel’s Falcon 8+ drones will capture aerial photography of the walls to obtain high-definition 3-D images, helping teams gauge the Great Wall’s current condition. Intel AI data capture will create a visual representation of the Great Wall to help efficiently and safely identify sections in need of repair.

The target of the restoration will be the famous Jiankou section of the wall. Dating to the third century B.C, the section is among the Great Wall's steepest and located in thick vegetation, making remote inspection a good option to aid in the restoration process.

“Using drones, we are able to inspect multiple aspects of the structure including areas that are quite inaccessible," said Intel VP Anil Nanduri, general manager of the drone team. "We continue to be excited about the future of inspections being automated all the way from drone data capture to data processing, analysis and insights.”

Intel and the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation hold a signing ceremony at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall on April 25. Photo courtesy of Intel Corporation

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