The World’s First Airline Blockchain is Born

Huafa is taking the blockchain off the ground. (Fair use photo)

Huafu Enterprise Holdings is going to publish the world’s first aerospace blockchain application, the Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLN).

Due to a new partnership between Huafu and Far Eastern Air Transport, customers should soon be able to use ALLN to purchase tickets and services on Far Eastern. Huafu hopes to use some of the income from ALLN to purchase aircraft and other peripheral assets. Besides promoting the application and circulation of ALLN, Huafu is also working hard to enhance airline services in Asia, especially many cities in China, reinforcing the route map of each area.

Despite the blockchain boom in recent years, it has hardly been used in the aviation industry. Huafu said it plans to use the aviation industry as a starting point from which to grow ALLN into the physical world. The company envisions the decentralized ALLN being used for restaurants, tourism, medical cosmetology and real estate, among other uses.

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