BAE Has an All-Inclusive Mission-Planning System in Sceptre

BAE says Sceptre can incorporate all the information gathered by sensors and displays during a mission. Photo courtesy of Elbit Systems of America

No longer does an operator have to decipher multiple pages of an ATO prior to planning. Sceptre, BAE Systems’ new advanced mission-planning and debrief system, aims to alleviate and streamline that process.

Sceptre has built-in ATO and ACO import functionality compatible with ADAT P3 formats. Prior to detailed planning, the user is able to see the relevant ATO played out in rehearsal mode with the appropriate ACO routing for all aircraft types taking part in the mission.

The goal is to help the operator create a tactically astute plan, holistically reviewed, catering for conflicts and contingencies. With Sceptre, the operator will be airborne with high situational awareness and the ability to make better, more informed decisions to achieve mission success. Sceptre has an advanced mission rehearsal mode allowing the operator to rehearse all aspects of the mission using multiple 2-D and 3-D view formats of Sceptre’s virtual environment engine.

After a mission, BAE’s system can merge the real-world and synthetic views by exploiting all aircraft recording media into an integrated replay format. Mission success is assessed using the built-in debrief tools together with the same tools used for mission planning and rehearsal. Missions can be reviewed in detail using recorded cockpit displays and audio, mission timeline with key event bookmarks, 2-D and 3-D flight recreation, stealth views and optional synchronization with the original pre-mission plan.

BAE Systems will be exhibiting Sceptre for the first time at London’s Air Mission Planning & Support conference this month.

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