Embedded Avionics

Mercury Mini Server Will Enable Rugged, Portable Storage

Mercury Systems' upcoming Miniserver. Photo courtesy of Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems will be releasing a new member of its EnterpriseSeries server line, the XR6 RESmini. The new server features Intel Xeon Skylake scalable processors and comes with an FAA-compliant power case that lets it operate without an external power source for up to two hours.

"We've been listening carefully to our customers who've consistently expressed the need for IT infrastructure more suitable for expeditionary operations," said Mercury’s Michael Schneider.

The XR6 RESmini features 240TB of storage in a chassis 4-inch high, 13.5-inch wide and 11-inch deep, weighing 15 lb. Mercury said the device can operate in temperatures of 32 to 122 deg F (0 to 50 deg C) and resists inclement conditions such as sand and shock.

The included 47-lb power case is UN-DOT 38.3-compliant and can power both the RESmini and other small electronics as well as protecting it from damage to a military specification, according to Mercury.

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