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Universal Avionics FMS Gets a Software Update

By Nick Zazulia | February 27, 2018
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Universal Avionics’ new FMS software version has received FAA approval. Photo courtesy of Universal Avionics

Universal Avionics’ helicopter flight management system’s (FMS) newest software has received FAA technical standard order authorization.

The FMS software version 1002.0/1102.0 enables a “transition to hover” search. With this capability, pilots can mark a target and the FMS will automatically plot a course to a spot downwind of the target, where it will transition down and begin a stable hover, allowing for hands-free operation.

The software version also features localizer performance level of service approaches. Universal Avionics said there are 655 charted localizer performance approaches across 495 U.S. airports so far, with more added monthly by the FAA.

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