Airbus Finishes Building First A321neo ACF

By S.L. Fuller | January 5, 2018
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Photo courtesy of Airbus

Photo courtesy of Airbus

Assembly of the first Airbus A321neo Airbus Cabin Flex (ACF) has been completed. The manufacturer said Friday it wouldn’t be too long before it takes it first flight.

Next for the newly assembled aircraft — assembly took place in Hamburg — is ground testing. After that is completed, it would be able to take its first flight. Airbus said this would happen “in the coming weeks.” First delivery of the aircraft model is set for mid-year.

The latest addition to the A320 family, the A321neo ACF can carry up to 240 passengers. It also has a new rear section and a modified passenger door configuration, where the door located forward of the wing is removed and new overwing emergency exits in the center section are introduced, Airbus said. The A321neo ACF is an option today and will become standard for all A321neos around 2020.

The aircraft is powered by CFM Leap-1A engines. Airbus said incorporating the latest engines, aerodynamic advances and cabin innovations, the A321neo offers a reduction in fuel consumption of at least 15% per seat from day one and 20% by 2020.

Airbus said the A321neo ACF is the base for a longer range variant known as the A321LR, Airbus said. The A321LR has an increased maximum takeoff weight of 97 tons and a third under-floor fuel tank, which allows airlines to increase its range to 4,000 nm for intercontinental flights. The first delivery of an A321LR is targeted for Q4 2018.

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