EASA, FAA Sign Reach Milestone in Validation Improvement Road Map

By Staff Writer | October 2, 2017
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EASA and the FAA have signed Revision 6 to the Technical Implementation Procedures for airworthiness and environmental certification, EASA said. It was signed Sept. 22 during the Certification Management Meeting held in Ottawa, Canada.

The revision, EASA said, gives all repair design acceptance by the validating authority, removes the last restrictions to the acceptance of European Technical Standard Order/Technical Standard Order approvals and introduces Basic Type Certifications for piston engines and propellers. The revision is to enter into force six months after signing in order to train EASA and FAA personnel.

EASA said the revision is the first milestone of the implantation of the validation improvement road map, which was signed by the two aviation authorities February 2016. The improvement aims to give all design changes a common approval path.

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